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Here is the story:

The year was 1975. Bill Gates was dropping out of Harvard. Steve Jobs was traveling on foot through India seeking “spiritual enlightenment”. I was hacking into the new computer system my high school had just purchased.

In 1975 computers used a dial up connection. That meant you placed the receiver of a rotary phone on a sound pad so the computer could hear the clicks of the phone.

Only a select group of students were given access to the computer and I was selected not to receive access. Therefore, I developed creative methods to get into the system.

Fast forward four decades.

I am making my living online and have been doing so for more than ten years. I do this in purely legitimate above board businesses. No funny stuff.

However, one of the things I have learned along the way- and this is where you will benefit from my experience- is how to access movies for free.

I am not talking about films like, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. (I actually paid to see that.)

I mean films like Avatar, Olympus has Fallen, The Croods, The Avengers, Oz The Great and Powerful, etc. usually within a few days after their release. I haven’t paid to see a movie since 1989.


This is what you are going to get:

  • Immediate free access to new Hollywood movies usually within the first week they are released.
  • Free access to older movies that you never had a chance to see
  • How to get in to see movies for free before they are released
  • Free tools you can use to save any movie you wish
  • Free tools you can use to reformat any movie you save so that you can see it on any device that you wish

You might notice a pattern here. I like stuff that’s free.

If you do too, and you want stuff that works, here is what you must do next.

Just enter you first name and email address on the form below and I’ll show you how. Note: you don’t need to be a geek to do this. If you can manage the first name and email part, you have enough technical skills to get access to anything you want.

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  • See movies on any device that you wish

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    Your information is completely safe.
    We take your privacy very seriously.

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